Pricing vs Outcome

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Pricing vs Outcome – A Controversial Topic

More than ever before, we are finding ourselves in an era of competing, and often conflicting, priorities, with the advancement of the interests of our business, regardless of scale, being no exception.

Resources are finite, and allocating them in the most optimally strategic way, has become something of an artform. To this end, cutting corners may become tempting – a phenomenon founded in the hope that a lesser investment may, perhaps, still yield us the same, or, in the least, a good enough outcome.

In the realm of commercial videography, this can be something of a slippery slope – while anyone with a camera can point and shoot, the devil is always in the detail, and the scale, scope and sheer volume of pre-, during- and post-production considerations – absolutely staggering.

Embedded in the story-telling process, is the far less romantic notion of planning – given the short attention spans of today’s audiences, every second of the finished video must have a critical, pre-determined role in capturing attention, challenging pre-conceived notions, and ultimately, influencing outcome and triggering action. This must be strategised across several important parameters – for example, storyline, preparing and asking the right questions, and probing further when and where required – often in a scenario where the subjects are either business owners, delighted customers, or children, and are not always entirely media-savvy, or newsreader-camera-ready. In an alternative scenario, actors with both the correct aesthetic and disposition must be sourced, to ensure that the essence of the client’s story is conveyed optimally – that is, both done justice, and honoured.

Industry-specific considerations must, in a quality production, also be accounted for. This involves extensive preliminary research to ensure relevance and accuracy of content, and, where applicable, cultural sensitivity. These aspects manifest themselves in everything from the obvious – content generation and curation – but also, location selection, as well as lighting particularly adapted to both the environment at hand, and the story to be told – from our own experience, whether it be the dusty trenches of an industrial work site, an intimate studio hosting an indigenous Australian speaker, or a glamorous, yet welcoming beauty salon.

The meticulous selection of music – both the sourcing, and the strategic overlay – can be pivotal in creating the intended mood, including, where needed, building emotion to a crescendo, creating a lasting impression, and finally, contributing to a call to action. Behind the scenes, considerations around copyright, and synchronisation of the beat with the visuals for maximum impact, among others, are further aspects planned for in an upper tier video production, that often prove pivotal to the intended outcome.

Quality – both that of the sound, and the visuals, is another element of production that, where compromised, can have a disproportionately large impact on the finished product, as well as the vigour of the message. The majority of our videos are, as a result, shot in 4K, and subsequently modified on request to adapt to various platforms, be it a HTML website, or any manner of social media. This ensures a polished product showcased on any given medium, which, in turn, both positively reflects on, and honours, its subject business enterprise, or organisation.

There is, of course, a myriad of other aspects an exacting videographer will plan for both prior to, and in the course of production – these include the seemingly mundane logistical aspects, including carrying high-quality backup equipment at all times, to all but eliminate the costly risk of re-shooting, and other associated re-work, in the event of, for example, camera failure. There is, additionally, the art of footage sequencing, and the capability to weave it into a compelling and, if required, persuasive narrative.

While there is certainly a degree of wisdom in the age old adage of ‘near enough is good enough’, there are, undeniably, areas where we would consider a compromise as unthinkable – the well-being of those we love, the future of our children, as well as doing justice to our legacy, and honouring its story – are merely three such pursuits.

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